Monday, May 27, 2013

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on Vmware Workstation 9

Owning a Macbook or Apple product is always my dream. I dreamt on it, yet it is way too expensive for a student like me. Therefore, Hackintosh is a perfect solution for me.

Here, I am going to go through the steps of installing Mountain Lion on VM. It is an easy task.

You have to prepare these to start your work.

  •  Hackintosh Compatible Hardware :You must have an Intel CPU which has virtualization enabled.(You will get a guide on enable it on below.)
  • Installed VMware Workstation 9 :This is the platform I will go through.                          (VMware player works as well.)
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Retail VMware Image: Download from torrent. Download or Download
    Can't download this file? I recommend you to install this torrent software.
  • VMsvga2_v1.2.3.pkg: It is used for Mac display.
Now, let's go!

Step 1

Restart your computer and enter your bios.
Navigate to Advance Bios Feature and look for Virtualization Technology.
Enable it and you are done.

Step 2

Extract OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Retail VMware Image.7z file.
You will get to see three folders.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion folder contains the image file.

VMware Unlocker - Hardware Virtualization Bypasser folder contains file that help you pass the restriction for VMware if your machine does not support Virtualization technology. (Most of us wouldn't use this.)

VMware Unlocker - Mac OS X Guest folder contains file to unlock Mac OS X Operating System in VMware workstation.

Step 3
Completely close your VMware Workstation.
Execute install.cmd in VMware Unlocker – Mac OS X Guest -> VMware 8.x Series -> VMware Workstation Unlocker - Windows folder.
Make sure to run it as administrator for it to work.

Step 4
Start your VMware Workstation. Go to File ->Open and Navigate to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.vmx and open it.

Then click Edit virtual machine settings to configure it.

Adjust your memory to at least 2GB and your processor to 2 cores as well as accelerate 3D graphics to provide a smooth environment.

Then, navigate to the Options tab to configure the operating system to Apple Mac OS X and version to Mac OS X 10.8 64-bit. This shows up after you successfully installed the install.cmd in step 3.

Step 5
Power on this virtual machine and follow the on-screen solution to set up your operating system.

After all sorts of clicking next and a few minutes of time, you finally succeed in login to Mountain Lion. Congratulations! But this is still not the end.

Step 6
You have to install VMware tools to have a better experience. So, we navigate to folder VMware Unlocker - Mac OS X Guest -> VMware 8.x Series -> Tools and mount darwin.iso.

Now, let's try to install VMware tools in Mountain Lion.

You probably will encounter error on finishing the installation.

But never mind, it is actually "installed". You can find it out after you restart your system.

Step 7
Now, you might encounter screen flickering while opening launchpad now. No worries, I got your back. Copy the VMsvga2_v1.2.3.pkg into Mountain Lion and runs it.

Here, you got yourself ready a HOT pancake!

You got no glitches now for your brand new Mountain Lion.

The Graphics here shows that you are currently using VMware SVGA II 128MB. It is the display to use with Mac OS after you successfully installed VMsvga2_v1.2.3.pkg.

Note 1. VMware couldn't detect your display card. It will only give your virtual machine a maximum of 128MB nVRAM. It is not really compatible with Mac OS, so we installed VMsvga2_v1.2.3.pkg.

and now


You can show off your hackintosh to your friends now.
It is just as smooth as real Mac with my current computer specifications. Just some lagging while launching the launchpad. This is not a real BIG deal.

Feel free to ask me any questions or give me any advice to make me better. Thank you.



  1. hi.. i did upto 4th step settings.. but while power ON VM error showing as not Hardware virtualization.. but i did patch also....

    kindly help me.. windows-8 64-bit, VMware 8.0.2....

  2. Than you very much sir,awesome presentation even I too poor but U made my dream true-thanks again if any more releases of MAC please keep going.